Spring/Summer 2020

"It's true! We are the ones who would like men dressed in blue, in white shirt; "our" men dream in blue, look at the sun and let themselves be intoxicated by the scent of myrtle, admire the colours of the sea of our "home-nation" and dream... they fantasize about being there, among the wonders of the sea and the mountains, with the people they love or even to rejoice in complete solitude.

Often, unfortunately, the reality is very different, made of men relegated to the office, absorbed by one of our "nation-city", dedicated to produce, create... work.

I love our men, I like to put on them something that reminds them sensory and chromatically certain moments; to do this we have searched and found evocative fabrics, able to celebrate the materiality and colours of the sea, but also those of the mountains and nature, of tranquillity.

To the chaotic traffic of the cities and the media bombardment we have superimposed the colours of nature, the sea, the mountains, the lakes... places of peace, magic solution for the eyes and the mind. It's all a personal game, very interior... intimate perhaps.
Fabrics and colours that make us dream, catapulting us into a place that brings back memories of a youth lived between quick escapes to the sea or dangerous mountain climbs without too many ifs and buts, small but important actions that today have given way to responsibility and rationality.
Maybe the colour or the armour of that jacket will make you smile inside, evoking a memory capable of warming the heart".