Me, Borgia

massimo borgia is real made in Italytailoring and innovationtrue Italian style

He studied in Italy in 1974, and then in 1977, he went to England to train in project culture and research in industrial design and fashion design.
In 1979 he started to engage with fashion in Milan. He designed and created in the world of fabrics, clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, sunglasses, and perfumes. He was an assistant, consultant and senior designer for all the best fashion and designer brands well-known all over the world. He has lived in all the fashion capitals. As a specialist in start-up and brand extension, he has deep knowledge about Italian fashion and the "Made in Italy" industry.
Being multicultural and having a free spirit, he creates fashion with precious details and high-quality materials, resulting in stylish products that are 100% Made in Italy.

The brand

massimoborgia is the contemporary expression of an aesthetic experience that is aimed to be a reference to reality.

It returns to the beauty and aesthetics of Italy, which is not only about style and looks but it is also the fruit of vision and creativity nourished by innovation. The culture of design and the uniqueness of Italy become the seeds for the birth of sensations, emotions, and inspirational stories.

Be out of time, simultaneously nowadays.